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Peaty's Organic Worm Castings, OMRI Listed

Buy in 10, 20 and 50 LB. bags, 1 ton super sack


IGI622 Fertilizer, OMRI Listed

Buy in 3, 8, 50 LB. bags, 1 ton super sack



Buy in 12 oz., 1 gallon jugs

The 2016 Season has begun!
You need to grow with IntelliGrowth

20 pounds of Peaty's Organic Worm Castings per 100 SF of garden, 5 pounds per 100 SF of turf. Get castings into the ground for best effect.

Planting from seed? Soak seeds with a 1:100 solution of castings in water for an hour.Growers Media - 3 parts worm castings to 7 parts soil, compost, peat and/or coir. Add seeds and water with Tea-Soak or IntelliTea.Transplants? Use the growers media above for pots or open furrows in your garden for transplants. Add 1" wide by 1/8" deep castings. Add your dtarters and cover. Water with Tea-Soak or IntelliTea.

Turf and Garden - IGI622 Organic Fertilizer. 8 pounds per 1000SF if you are using an organic program, up to 16 pounds per 1000SF if you are only using the IGI622.

IntelliTea - NEW - A liquid inoculant containing nine strains of lactobacillus in the firmicutes family. F. LAB enhances plant uptake characteristics. Mix 2 oz. per gallon of water and foliar apply to your garden or turf. Try it on fruit trees!

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Medical Marijuana Growth MediaBud Growers, Click here


Gardening using IntelliGrowth

Vine Studies: Castings and Tea-Soak™
Grape vine with worm castings

IntelliGrowth 55 galloon worm tea brewer

Golf / Turf Application Turf Studies through IntelliGrowth

Mycelium, Endo and Ecto Mycorrhizal
Mycelium, mycorrihzae and plant root

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Farm, Growers, CSA IntelliGrowth in CSA

2013 growth results in pictures
IntelliGrowth and FVTC Appleton

The Mystery of Worm Castings - Feeding Soil to Feed Plants
Poor and Good Soil Conditions


IGI in Stores

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"I used the first tea application on my potatoes. In one week, it was evident there were fewer bugs! And, the plants were being fed at the same time!"

"I used Peaty's when starting my radishes for the first time. My neighbor asked 'what the heck did you use on those!'. They are huge."

"I've used castings and tea on my potatoes from the start and I have had no bugs this season."

"everything was greener, plants were taller and I was picking earlier"

"The worm tea was amazing. I had areas of burned grass. Tea was applied and in two days, grass started growing again!"

"I used Peaty's on a hanging basket. In one week, it doubled in size"

"My strawberry plants were withering. Within two days of applying Peaty's, the leafs were vibrant green and had great shape"

"I used some of the Tea-Soak on an area of grass that wasn't doing well. OK, I'm amazed!"

"This is the best I've seen around"

"this stuff is beautiful"

Free Workshops!

IntelliGrowth offers free presentations and workshops to the public, schools, academy's and garden clubs.
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If you are a public school or non-profit looking for fund-raising opportunities, call us. We support education, student learning and programs.

IGI Retail

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.5 CF / 20 Pound bag Peaty's Organic Earthworm Casting Fertillizer
An organic fertilizer that positively affects the overall quality and sustainability of soil, plants, flowers and turf.

NEW! Click image for details

IGI622 Organic Fertilizer

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